Kuninkaansaari Sauna

We warmly welcome You to spend an atmospheric evening at our sauna, at the historical and scenic Kuninkaansaari island of Helsinki!

Sauna kyltti Kuninkaasaari

Kuninkaansaari island's wood-heated sauna - also known as "The Box" - is located next to Sand Cove, near the old Officers' House. The concrete bunker has been used as a sauna at least for 75 years, since the early 1940s. The sauna has been used primarily by the island's military personnel and their families. Now, visitors to the islands also have the opportunity to enjoy the rugged but charming Kuninkaansaari Sauna.


If you are looking for a modern, freshly painted, decorated and up-to-date urban sauna, you are probably in the wrong place. You can hardly find a straight or flat surface from the Kuninkaansaari Sauna, but a scuffed space with a special personality. Its long life and history can be seen in the jagged surfaces of the walls, the warm twilight of the changing room, the surrounding nature and the smooth cliffs with their old writings.


With the exception of some necessary renovations, the sauna has been kept as it has been for decades. The bumps and the crooked roof are the essence of The Box. This sauna is for those who do not care about the occasional leafs in the water of the well and who enjoy the atmosphere of the wood-heated sauna and the amazing soft steam without any additional disturbance.


The Sand Cove's cliffs are 50 metres away from the sauna and it is also possible to swim there. The sandy beach is around 100 metres from the sauna.

"Aivan mielettömän ihana symppis Koppi-sauna!"


Prices (including VAT)

Sauna for 2 hours: 95,00€

Sauna for 3 hours: 125,00€

Towel rent: 10,00€ / towel




The sauna rent can be paid to the staff before the start of the reservation with cash, debit card or credit card. Payment by invoice is also possible for Finnish citizens. The invoice will be sent in PDF format after the reservation confirmation. Payment by invoice is not possible if there is less than 21 days from the moment of booking to the beginning of the sauna reservation.

Good to know

  • The sauna will be heated ready for the start of the reservation. The users of the sauna just need to maintain the appropriate heat. Firewood can be found in the changing room.

  • We use carried water from a well. The water will be delivered ready by the start of the reservation. Do not use seawater at all in the sauna.

  • The sauna can accommodate 3-4 people at the same time. Facilities are not suitable for large groups.

  • You can bring alcoholic beverages and refreshments with You to the premises.

  • Swimming on your own risk at the nearby beach. The cliffs can be found by following the path leading from the sauna.

  • The sauna has a fridge and a socket, which can be used for charging the phone etc.

  • It is good to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the reservation.


You should take with you


  • Towel (if you do not rent)

  • Swimsuit

  • Beach sandals or other footwear for walking on the path and beach

  • Something to drink

  • Soap / Shampoo (limited amount available at the sauna)


Make a booking


Booking in 2019


The season of 2019 ends at the end of September. Sauna bookings will be available again during spring 2020, when the booking calendar will also be opened.

You can book a 2-3 hour reservation at the times shown below. If you arrive at Vallisaari by your own boat instead of a water bus, it is possible to book a later time for the end of the sauna reservation. However, walking around on the island is limited after 22:00, so this is the time limit for bookings.



  • Bookable on Saturdays and Sundays. Earliest possible booking at 14:30.


  • Bookable on Saturdays and Sundays. Earliest possible booking at 14:30.



  • Bookable for all days of the week. Earliest possible booking at 14:30.



  • Bookable on Saturdays and Sundays. Earliest possible booking at 14:30.



  • Bookable on Saturdays and Sundays. Earliest possible booking at 14:30.

The sauna must always be booked in advance by using the booking calendar or by calling or sending a message (contact details below). We will reply to the message by email as soon as possible. Reservations must be made no later than 24 hours before the start of the reservation.

Book the sauna below or click on the link to go directly to the booking site.




Two operators are responsible for Vallisaari's water transportation. JT-Line vessels operate to Vallisaari Island's Luotsipiha ("Pilot Yard") and Suomen Saaristokuljetus -vessels operate to Torpedolahti ("Torpedo Pier"). From Vallisaari to Kuninkaansaari you can walk along the embankment. It is advisable to book time for about 15-20 minutes of walking from Torpedolahti and 25-30 minutes from Luotsipiha. You can also come to Vallisaari with your own boat.

Terms for bookings



Phone +358 (0) 40 764 9766 (Mon - Sat 11:00 - 16:00)